When To Be An Object

As a person, I’m two things. An Object and a Concept. It’s important that I figure out how to be the right one at the right time.  By Object, I’m referring to the person shaped substance that makes me a physical Thing. By Concept, I mean the unique collection of memories and dreams which fuel... Continue Reading →


Say What You Need To Say

Say what you need to Say. We’ve all got words. Growing silently inside of us, building up, looking for a way out.   Chipping away at the inside of our skulls, trying to break the egg before suffocating.   It’s important that we work to regularly release these words.   Developing fresh processes that help you listen to... Continue Reading →

Proving You Exist

Despite being multi dimensional, at times it’s easy to feel Non-Existent.   “Do I Exist” is a difficult question for a person to ask, because nobody else can answer it for you.  It speaks to the uncertainty that you possess a Unique Inner Self to share.  The fear that everything you Are is merely a... Continue Reading →

Zen Diesel

Watching the Vin Diesel movie “Triple X”, I was inspired by a radical act of Acceptance worthy of learning.  There’s a scene where Diesel wakes up in the back of a cargo plane which is rapidly accelerating down the runway.  He, and a bunch of other groggy tough guys, are all wearing parachutes. The back... Continue Reading →

Mindless Positivity

If “Thinking” too much inevitably takes you down dark mental paths, you need to find Mindless Positivity.   Our brains are both a blessing and a curse.   Through preconceiving, they frequently keep us from walking blindly into potentially Negative circumstances. But unwatched, the watcher can trap us in it’s habitual processes of pessimistic perception. We become... Continue Reading →

Why Life Is Confusing

Life... is Confusing. And the Reason for that is because every single Thing you can perceive is actually Two things occupying the Same Space.   That’s why it’s confusing. It’s called Dualism, and It’ll mess with your mind.   Also, Accepting it is the only way you can Balance your Life. How to See stuff. For... Continue Reading →

Become Posture Positive

Posture is a state of mind. Good posture is as much an act of consciousness as musculature. I’m realizing that my body can keep me in a state of Negative mental bias. The strength of your spine can give you an unconscious Positive or Negative bias towards Life. Entering every situation with either optimism or... Continue Reading →

Two Dimensional Happy Words

Before we can learn a new positive emotional process we often have to practice embracing what seems like empty words of hope. Manufactured happy hyperbole, spoken as if by another person with some Alien agenda. Words that outrageously contradict believing that the universe is Against me. Words that my Brain hears as fake, spoken wrongly... Continue Reading →

Emotions Are Right Now

‘When’ - am I currently feeling about right now? Are the emotions I’m feeling Right Now - being generated by my Imagination or catalysts  from my current Physical Reality? Is what I’m emoting into at this moment - Actually Happening? My Emotions are Innocent. They don’t know the difference between what’s Actually happening and what... Continue Reading →

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