Mindless Positivity


If “Thinking” too much inevitably takes you down dark mental paths,

you need to find Mindless Positivity.  

Our brains are both a blessing and a curse.  

Through preconceiving, they frequently keep us from walking blindly into potentially Negative circumstances. But unwatched, the watcher can trap us in it’s habitual processes of pessimistic perception. We become stuck in a biased vision of “Reality”. Left swirling around the rim of a self-fulfilling prophesy.   

Everybody’s unconscious assumption sits somewhere on the spectrum between Optimism and Pessimism.

If your mental habit leans towards negativity, then more thinking often causes more problems.  

Practicing not accepting, building a higher intellectual wall to supersede before you can proceed. 

For a long time, my brain has been full of Pessimistic overthought.  

I was mentally “preparing” for predictions of inevitable awfulness ahead.  

Striking out in anti-acceptance at a doubtful future, reflecting my dread.  

Conditioned by a dissatisfactory childhood to attack first, and ask questions later.

Mindless Positivity isn’t just for Idiots.

Mindless Positivity gets a bad rap when perceived though blindly negative eyes.  

To them, it looks like a Cop out, a Scam or a Lie.

Your mind wants to compulsively filter every situation. When asked to not use itself,         it will inevitably defend it’s own Necessity. It can’t Imagine a world without itself.              It’s hard not to Think when Thinking about not Thinking.  

It’s easy to believe that people who react with unconditional positivism towards every circumstance are unrealistic Morons. Naive fools who obviously don’t Understand how Life Works.  

But it’s not about Ignoring Reality. It’s actually about building brief moments of reactive Bliss.

Properly applied, Mindless Positivity can pull you away from the edge of a Pessimistic Intellectual Abyss.

The more unconsciously positive you can make your opening response to any new situation, the easier it is to move forward, and through the eye of Doubt undamaged.  

Ironically, practicing Mindless Positivity is about becoming smarter than your conscious Brain.  

You can trick your mind into honestly processing initially Positive predictions by using the practice of  – ‘Statement and Justification’.  

Simply put, our minds will immediately try to justify anything that comes out our mouth, if only just for a moment. But that tiny moment could be enough to build a positive future perspective upon.

It’s believing in the the Trickle Down effect.  

Our entire interaction with everything will be guided by the flavour of our initial reaction.   

The shape of your perception grows outward in a perfect perspective from that ‘Small Bang’ theory.  

If we begin by saying something is Crap, then we have to Prove that it’s Not  before we’re willing to treat it better.

If we start by calling something Awesome right out of the gate, we Give it more room to make mistakes as it works towards potential greatness.   

Use metal vanity to your advantage.

Our mind is full of Pride towards it’s ejaculations, and we can use that fact to guide it.

All we have to do is start wrestling our initial reactions away from the Negative Norm.

Force ourselves to immediately speak words of Unconditional Positive Acceptance in any situation.   

Forcing our brains to claim unconscious ownership of mindlessly positive projections – prior to applying the bias burden.   

The more determined and convincingly you can make your accepting statement, the longer the act of justification will last. The more easily you’ll unconsciously Believe,    and mold your perception of Reality around that statement.

It’s about consciously altering your Unconscious Reactive Process.     

If we find our Brains getting in the way, we have to sacrifice our beginnings to Affirmation completely absent from the filter of Thought.

The fact is, the most positive aspects of situations are often invisible until you have the ability to Believe they might Be. Opportunities only exist if you can Perceive.

So, try to dodge around pessimistic Logical thought and automatically insert Mindless statements of Positive Acceptance to every introduction.

Once you can Start beginnings on the other side of your negative mind wall, opportunities will more clearly appear.



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