Emotions Are Right Now


‘When’ – am I currently feeling about right now?

Are the emotions I’m feeling Right Now – being generated by my Imagination or catalysts  from my current Physical Reality?

Is what I’m emoting into at this moment – Actually Happening?

My Emotions are Innocent.

They don’t know the difference between what’s Actually happening and what I’m Daydreaming about.

So it’s important that my Logical brain pay attention and keep track of where I’m pointing my Emotion Hose.

Without this awareness, I’ll start attacking imaginary dragons in my head and accidentally transfer that emotive energy out into the real world.

Emotions are Important.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to become emotional into your Made Up brain narratives. It’s part of what makes human perception so Magical.

Being emotive into our imaginations allows us to create visceral inspirations out of thin air. To be swept up in the glory of a Story.

Immersed in emotions we dream of being catalyzed by our Normal Lives.

But if you’re not Consciously aware of your fantasy reactions you’ll end up trapped in a bubble of continuous Emotional Saturation, even when nothing’s Actually Happening.

Becoming easily lost in lucid thought.

Chewing on undigested Anger of the past – or painting detailed portraits of your Future fear.

Often over responding because you’re constantly in a heightened emotional state.

My mind likes to pick fights with itself.

I get into way too many imaginary arguments.

Part of my brain dresses up as someone I Hate – then argues with my internal avatar.

Sometimes, It can escalate to full blown war before I’m aware that nobody else is there.

Emoting into my thoughts is like yelling at a photocopy.

Getting riled by a mental reproduction that has no direct access to Past catalysts, or ability to fix a Future that doesn’t yet Exist.

If I become more aware of Where I’m applying my emotions

I’ll reduce unnecessary psychological wear and tear.

Practicing mental peace lessens the power of my Emotional Imagination  and allows me to respond better in the midst of Actual Interactions.

Now, when I feel myself getting emotional, I stop and ask – “Is This Actually Happening – Right Now?”

If nothing outside is immediately catalyzing my internal turmoil – then I’ll put the photocopy down – and Emote appropriately into my Moment.


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