Why Life Is Confusing


Life… is Confusing.

And the Reason for that is because every single Thing you can perceive is actually Two things occupying the Same Space.  

That’s why it’s confusing.

It’s called Dualism, and It’ll mess with your mind.  

Also, Accepting it is the only way you can Balance your Life.

How to See stuff.

For anything to be seen – it has to have at least two Sides. Two Dimensions.

Two visible points, equally opposite each other, and by constant comparison, redefining the Connected space between them as “Substance”.  

The more Opposite points an object has – the more Dimensions there will be to Perceive. 

We have two eyes so we can see two sides at once, and each want’s to be filled with something different from it’s twin.

For something to be comprehensively Perceivable – there have to be opposing Choices of Perception.  

The more clearly I understand the choices inherent within the object, the more appropriate my reaction will be.

To lift a metal bar, I have to fully Believe that both of it’s ends Exist.  

If I don’t Believe in one of the sides, then I’ll Grab it poorly, unaware of how to pick it up.  Surprised by my Imbalance, I’ll most likely drop it on my foot.

When responding to an object, the better I understand the shape and relative weight of either end, the better my Grip on it will be.

This is also true of Concepts.

Every Thought in my head  lives between (at least) two Opposite Options.

Two Choices I have to find my place on the spectrum Between.  

“Good” and “Bad” are two simple sides I frequently use when creating Dimension in my evaluation of whatever I’m trying to comprehend.

The better I know what I actually Mean by those two labels, the more effective they’ll become as opposing facets of my perception.

The more opposite sides of a thought I can see, the more Dimension my perception will have. The subtler my interactions will become.

The wider and the more perfectly opposing those sides, the better my mental balance.

Everything has a perfect and equal Opposite.

I have to Believe that every Thing, or Thought has a perfectly Equal and Opposite angle invisible from my current perceptional stance.

A Side that can’t be seen from where I’m currently standing.  

No matter how much I like or dislike what I’m perceiving, I have to balance that View with Faith in the existence of it’s invisible angle.

If I refuse to look in an opposite direction because it Disagrees with my agenda, then my perception will be unbalanced.  

Choice only exists as long as the opposite of your Desire does.  

The more you can calmly accept the illogic of every one thing – actually being two things, the less you’ll freak out when faced with eventual Paradox.

Paradox is a sign that your facing the inevitable complexity of Truth.

When practicing the acceptance of every thought’s Equal Opposite, I’ll be ready to Grip concepts properly.

By finding Two answers for every Single situation, we can balance the needs of both ends simultaneously, regardless of their immediate visibility.

Life is Confusing – when you’re only able see one Side.   



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