Say What You Need To Say

15 SAY

Say what you need to Say.

We’ve all got words. Growing silently inside of us, building up, looking for a way out.  

Chipping away at the inside of our skulls, trying to break the egg before suffocating.  

It’s important that we work to regularly release these words.  

Developing fresh processes that help you listen to your running narrative.  

Letting your mind talk what it’s thinking in a dimension beyond silent thought.  

If you don’t, you’ll be more likely to depend on Reactive Venting.  

Loudly exclaiming about things when you’re angry or frightened.  

Waiting for the eruption of a repressed aggressive emotion to propel your perceptions into the world.  

We’ve got to regularly allow ourselves to perceive our own constantly evolving opinion.  

Not waiting for it to forcibly escape the confinement of Better Judgement or established preconceptions.  

Viewing your mental process separate from the emotional mess in your mind. 

You can’t fix what you can’t see.

To understand how your mind works, you’ve got to be able to step back and get perspective on your perspective. 

If we never hear ourselves think, then we won’t be able to understand our reactive Reasoning. 

Leaving us unable to keep track of habitual bias and unconscious habit.

It’s easy to get trapped in echoes of past identities and reflections of our childhood.  Previous perceptional processes kept alive out of tradition in spite of change.  

We need to find ways to liberate our Current Voice, unburdened by historical practice.  

A forum to say who you Are, right now, instead of resignedly assuming that you’ll always be who you Were.  

Allowing the person you Think you are – to talk with who you Actually are.  

The more we let ourselves speak honestly to ourselves, the less aggressive our thoughts need to be.

The less our Truth comes bursting out, sounding like ranting madness.                       Blaming others for feeling constantly unheard.  

The tiny opinionated person inside us only evolves by speaking itself to clarity.                 You must allow it to crawl out from the primordial slime of your mind and grow thumbs.    

The more we can perceive our thoughts in a detached context, the more we can view them objectively. Not blaming ourselves for their birth. For the accusing umbilicus.

Not struggling with endless justification and guilt towards overly intimate mental association. Unflattering reflective self definition.  

We need to be able to separate ourselves from concepts to judge them empirically on their own merits.

Before letting them externally identify us.  

With practice, Not Communicating becomes who we Are.  

We often suffer from so much unconsciously pent communication frustration, that it can hamper our ability to interact with others.  

We sometimes develop methods of self expression repression that get confused for Definition, wether they initially stem from arrogance or humility.  

To grow, you have to almost force yourself, if only temporarily, away from the grip of your assumptive self.

Giving a pulpit to your radical factions of self interpretation.   

If we don’t invite self perceptional evolution into our lives, we become nothing but shrinking reflections of somebody we once thought we were.  

Give your Thoughts a new Dimension.    

Wether it’s talking them up or writing them down, allowing your thoughts to exist outside your mind lets you step back to get a more detached view of your previously invisible process.

Separating concepts from the inevitably reactive justifications or emotional rejection.  

Giving extra dimensional voice to your growing yet still unconscious self without fear of scorn or retribution.

A safe space for free thought to be born into without having to defend itself.

A place to become Current You, absent the person who feels like a living photocopy.   

A procedural surface you can see your ideal self in, unfettered by preconception’s bias.  

The greater and smoother that ‘surface’ of positive process grows, the more you can walk parallel with your reflection. Eventually you’ll find a door in this wall and meet yourself through on the other side.  

Finding the Right format.

We must experiment with different methods of self expression to discover what Feels Right.  

It’s about finding a comfortable way to spill the beans.  

A way to have an open ended conversation with yourself.  

To gently release your Beast and unchain the prisoner in your basement.  

A process to tease opinions out of your mind, normally be left unspoken.  

A conceptual catchers mitt to enable linear freeform conceptual expulsion.    

Pick up a pen and write down anything, then keep writing more anything down.  

Monologue to the empty air as if you were hosting your own podcast all about you.  

Find a piece of paper and draw the first shape that pops in your head.  

Dance to release the tension behind pent questions.  

At first the exact nature of the content is irrelevant.  

It’s more about forcing yourself to keep expressing, even if you think you have        Nothing To Say.  

You can talk about a specific issue, or just describe your day.

Reenact a specific situation in an alternate dimension outside the chaos of your mind to perceive it again as an innocent bystander.

 Experiment with different ways to make subcutaneous thoughts come alive. 

Finding a space where your current self is able to proudly, even if secretly, express it’s constantly evolving opinion. Gathering new information that need to be integrated with our accumulated expectations.  

Once something’s been said, it can’t be Unsaid.  

Speaking a truth, even once, can have a profound effect upon your consciousness.  

Once a burden of silence has been broken, an unconscious Taboo will be removed, allowing your stream of consciousness to become unblocked and wash itself clean. 

It’s important that we consciously say everything to ourselves at least once, and see how we feel after saying it. There are levels of guilt and anger inside of us grown from things we Feel but never openly Admit to ourselves.  

We can spend a whole lifetime accumulating moments of missed truth.

That’s a benefit of developing a progressive method of self communication.  

It makes you say things that habit would have left buried for dead.  

Private expression can help you face what you Really think, before it pops out inappropriately in the wrong company.   

Help yourself out.  

If you want to grow past a Historically Authorized Preconception of who you’ve been, give frequent voice to your Silent Self.

Don’t judge that voice, just let it out. Learn to accept yourself no matter what you think.  

Just because you Say something, it doesn’t mean you truly Believe it. Sometimes words are more indicators of mental blockages than evidence of your Awfulness.

Practiced reactions of a less evolved self.  

Muscle memories of past confusion.  

Don’t run away from thoughts because they disagree with who you’d Rather be.  

Think of your inner self as a pet you need to walk so it can exercise, excrete and frolic regularly.

If you don’t give a perception air, it becomes a rotting shadow, looking out at the world in spite and envy.  

Every one of our external actions is derived from our Silent Inner Thoughts.                   Our mental under-process.  

By three dimensionalizing our brain’s motions, we gain a greater clarity as to our reactive reasoning.  

Speaking, writing or drawing our internal circumstances gives us a secondary point of perception, outside our brain, to triangulate our future actions from.  

It’s like creating a life compass.

Use one to create a handle on your mind.  

Get a grip on your invisible processes.

Give yourself a physical method to open a hole in your facade.

It’s like growing a cup and string connected to your soul.

Say what you need to say.

The only way you’ll come out of your shell 

is if you’re willing to Listen.  



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