Become Posture Positive


Posture is a state of mind.

Good posture is as much an act of consciousness as musculature.

I’m realizing that my body can keep me in a state of Negative mental bias.

The strength of your spine can give you an unconscious Positive or Negative bias towards Life.

Entering every situation with either optimism or despair.

It can start young.

I grew up with crappy depressed posture, hunched over, shy, trying to hide from sight.

That physical habit carried over into my adult, colouring my life in a light layer of habitual Defeat, too close to easily see.

Poor posture was the perfect physical partner to my Mental Irrelevance.

The backup battery for my Negative Bias. An invisible anchor of Anxiety.

A Utility I used to unconsciously prove my life’s Futility.

Creating a three-dimensional feeling of Hopelessness I could only perceive peripherally.

Making a strong beginning.

Every situation begins with the evidence of who you are at the start.

If you begin every situation with habitually poor posture, you constantly have to supersede physical feelings of defeat to do the simplest things.

Standing in an emotional hole makes effort seem like more work than it’s worth.

I’m realizing that good posture is the best tool I have to physically counter the dominance of my Dark Thoughts.

Not allowing my slouch to help them rise.

To start every situation from a more balanced perspective.

If I can learn to unconsciously generate a consistent bodily positivism I’ll finally remove the invisible physical bias I’ve carried my whole life.

Each moment I need to ask if gravity is a Punishment or a Challenge  to be stylistically accepted.

Am I dancing to my Life or crawling slowly into the grave?

Countering negative posture allows me to immediately Improve my Existence.

Nobody can lighten the physical and emotional burden poor posture imposes upon my life.

Nobody can make that choice for me.

Posture is a simple almost endless source of ‘Good Choice’ practice.

To see tangible evidence of my evolution within every moment.

Literally becoming a homo-erectus every time I consciously reverse my neanderthal stance.

Developing unconscious positive physical habits helps me create a balanced perspective.

Placing my consciousness upon a pillar instead of a pile to perceive my Life from.

With a strong back I stop feeling like I’m under attack.

Not looking for someone to ‘blame’ for my constant pain.

In dark times, see to your spine. Your bodily lens could be blocking the light.

If you can find where you are physically hiding unhappiness, you can start to let go of internal feelings of everything’s ‘unfairness’.

The absence of a long held physical clenchings can make life seem so much lighter.

I never felt that I had control over my feelings of unconscious Lack,

but now, with a more determinedly positive posture,

I’m going to take some Back.






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