Zen Diesel


Watching the Vin Diesel movie “Triple X”, I was inspired by a radical act of Acceptance worthy of learning. 

There’s a scene where Diesel wakes up in the back of a cargo plane which is rapidly accelerating down the runway. 

He, and a bunch of other groggy tough guys, are all wearing parachutes. The back doors begin to open.

After a second, one of the ruffian’s parachutes pops, pulling him out onto the tarmac at eighty miles an hour, kicking and screaming. Immediately after, everybody else’s chute begins to open, dragging their surprised owners out with equal fear and lack of grace. 

Diesel, recognizing his pending circumstance, stands consciously ready at the edge of onrushing Fate and shouts with enthusiasm: 

“I Live For This!”  

Immediately after, his chute opens, pulling him Willingly out into the embrace of chaos. 

I like the thought of facing my challenges with statements of equally uncompromising Acceptance. 

Every situation begins with our initially projected perception.

Wether positive or negative, it affects our ability to adapt. It liberates or restricts.

The point at which I stop Accepting marks the boundaries of my Existence. 

We need over the top cheesy role models. 

We need to see some examples of ridiculous heroes facing unrealistic challenges with unreasoning confidence.

Composure with a crap storm about to spray up your nose isn’t easy but, Accepting a challenge as if it were your Choice can make you the best person for the Job.

I was in the dentist’s chair with my mouth full of awful metal, and she asked if I was ready for another needle to my gums. I put up my thumb and said:

“I Lib fo Dis!”

I felt surprisingly heartened saying it. The dentist, mildly confused.

Make your own catchphrases.


So, any difficulty you’re facing, big or small, stare it down with a smirk like a superhero. Act like you eagerly eat challenges like this for breakfast. As if it were a light workout or part of your common commute. 

Aggressively name it to be your Favourite thing!

When yanked out onto life’s tarmac, shout your hilarious Acceptance like a challenge.

Viscerally projecting emotional readiness for oncoming growth related opportunity.

Making yourself an appropriate conduit for the pending rush of emotions. 

Becoming one with the challenge, and in so doing, moving through.  

The more Awful things you can willingly Accept your way in and out of, 

the easier Accepting everything else in life becomes. 

Live for your challenges!

Zen Diesel.



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