Worry Not

I’ve been known to Worry. I often find my mind filled with more repetitive Worry than useful Thought. Left spinning it’s wheels, seemingly lost, unable to stop attaching Negative Endings onto every Imaginable Future. Worry is tough to quit because it thinks that it’s “Helping”. Stripping away my Naive. Making me more Conscious of a... Continue Reading →



I like walking fast. I often walk quickly because, a) it’s my main mode of transportation, and b) I’m not a fan of tight spaces, stuck in the midst of randomly moving strangers. So, on crowded sidewalks, I’ll often try to find a fast moving person to walk behind. Swimming in their wake, as they... Continue Reading →

Right Person, Place and Time

Living the ‘Right’ life To live ‘Right’, all you’ve got to do is become three Things, in the right order. You’ve got to become the Right Person, in the Right Place, at the Right Time. That’s it. That’s all. Finding the Right person First, you’ve got to become the Right Person... and that person, very... Continue Reading →

Growing Momentum

I like moving when I talk Before, when recording my voice for things, I’d try to hold a perfectly straight spinal posture, attempting to mirror the tireless example of my microphone stand. Part of me believed that holding this unnaturally rigid, military position would help. But in truth, it was uncomfortable. It made me clench... Continue Reading →

Awkwardly Accepting Gifts

For some reason I’ve occasionally had trouble accepting gifts. Becoming Self-Conscious and Uncomfortable when someone would offer me a Thing. I was worried as to the gift’s “Meaning”, my lack of “Deserving”  and inability to provide “Equal Compensation” for. Always trying to find a Polite way to decline what was offered me. Accepting only under... Continue Reading →

Sometimes, Just Be A Ball

I used to think that I was a bad "Life Juggler". Always dropping my ‘balls’. Reaching for opportunities too late, as they fell to the floor and rolled away. Feeling limited Control over any situation I was in, especially when other humans were involved. I’d become frustrated when somebody else’s ignorance would Wreck the Perfect Pattern... Continue Reading →

Begin Again

  We have to be willing to begin as many times as we have to. Often I've started something new, that I wanted to make part of my life, and then for one reason or another, I stopped. And because I stopped, I felt like I'd "FAILED". That I'd Wasted my chance to Begin. The... Continue Reading →

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